LFT Manager is our multifunctional central software application that is used for fast and simple initiation of personalised insoles. With the basic version of LFT Manager you can, amongst other things:

  • control the foot scanning equipment (2D foot scanner/3D foot scanner/pressure plate);
  • record the problem areas based on the scan of each foot and identify the areas where an insole can provide added support;
  • identify the wear pattern of the patient's shoe;
  • create a patient record containing all patient data;
  • develop a treatment plan that will help eliminate foot pain;
  • initiate an insole plan that will help identify the type of sole, desired material, thickness, shore value and even the colour of the covering material, amongst other things;
  • simply send the entire production order to LFT.

Moreover, with the advanced version of LFT Manager, you can:

  • display patient anamnesis;
  • perform a patient gait analysis based on photos and video images;
  • process findings about the patient in question;
  • make a diagnosis;
  • document a subsequent check-up, and
  • print out a report.

Device-independent, the LFT Manager software works with most scanning equipment on the market. Moreover, LFT Manager works seamlessly with existing patient registration software such as Prosoftware, Intramed and Podonet.