Our pressure plate, known as OrthoPodoDynamics, is an indispensable tool for making static and dynamic foot analyses. The output of the pressure plate is used to model an insole. It can also be used to show patients the problem areas in their feet and to provide the best treatment option for their specific condition. This also creates transparency for (increasingly critical) patients. Over 1600 sensors record the pressure points in both the static and dynamic analyses, as well as the contact time and foot pulse during the static analysis.

The data generated by OrthoPodoDynamics are shown directly in our central software application. You can save all pressure measurements to the patient's digital archive in the central software. You also have the option of transferring the images to our OrthoPodoCad sole modelling software for background use while digitally shaping the insoles.

The pressure plate is supplied in two sizes, where the normal version (0.5 metres) is suitable for one step and the large version (1.7 metres) measures three to four steps at the same time.