We offer complete solutions for foot specialists

LFT offers foot specialists a complete solution for analysing and treating foot conditions in diabetics, rheumatic patients, athletes and children, among others. Everything we do at LFT is guided by our commitment to producing the highest possible quality of custom-fit insoles through the shortest possible production process at the lowest possible costs.

Behind the scenes, we are always pursuing ways to optimise our organisation, products and services. We collaborate with customers, universities and partners in ongoing research and use innovative technologies to improve the processes for foot specialists and make medical foot treatment accessible to everyone.

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Freddy Bouwhuis

General Manager / CFO

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Business Development Director

Peter Kroese

Excellence Manager

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Customer Support Specialist

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Customer Support Specialist / ICT

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Customer Support Specialist

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Specialist ICT / Support

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Software Developer

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Software Developer

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Software Developer

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Head of Production

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Production Technician

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Production Technician / Logistics

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Business Secretary

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Business Secretary / Finance

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Accounting Manager