How to save precious time and money in your podiatry clinic

The saying “Time is money” is more than true for owners of a podiatry clinic. Do you spend hours on doing administration, buying new tools or milling insoles by hand? Those are valuable hours you will never get back. That is why it is essential to spend your time wisely as a podiatry clinic owner to maximize profits. But did you know it is possible to work less, while earning more money? Quickly find out how in this blog!

Earn more money in your podiatry clinic

Generating revenue is essential for any business owner. However, many times the important question is: How to do this? As an owner of a podiatry clinic there is often one important way to do so: By seeing clients during a consult and offering them a solution for their foot-related problems. Unfortunately, for most podiatrists it is impossible to only fill your workweek with consults. Different work activities exist that also cost plenty of time.

Do you waste time as a podiatrist?

But do all those activities truly deserve a percentage of your valuable time? Of course, administration must be done, meetings should be planned into your agenda, and your corporate finances should be handled correctly. But do you also put time and effort in any of the following activities:

  • Mill insoles for your clients by hand
  • Use old-fashioned tools to analyze your patients’ feet
  • Prescribe prefabricated insoles to your clients
  • Your administration involves much paperwork
  • Research and analyses requires more then 5 minutes


All these activities have one thing in common:

They absorb valuable time and make it impossible to maximize your revenue

Start maximizing your revenue

Stop wasting your precious time on these time-consuming work activities. Discover the modern solutions by LFT that will save you a lot of time and will make you more money. Our complete solution offers four amazing benefits to any podiatry clinic in the United Kingdom:

  • Receive a higher profit margin per insole
  • More time to focus on building relationships with patients
  • More time to solve your patients foot problems
  • Maximize revenue and grow your business


And the process is very simple. LFT offers a complete solution that is tailored to your own practice. We bring you a comprehensive package of hardware, software, training and services to help you create bespoke insoles for your clients. Easier, faster and from the best possible quality.

In the end this all results in one important goal: you can offer your patients custom-made insoles of the highest quality that will prevent and solve their specific foot-related injuries.

Custom-made insoles solve your patients’ problems

While over-the-counter insoles may sometimes seem interesting to your patients thanks to the lower costs, the price they pay in the long run is much higher. Prefabricated insoles never count in the particular shape, size or structure of your patients’ feet. Low-quality prefabricated inserts can sometimes even cause foot-related issues.

This is why at LFT we believe in the power of customization. While the price of bespoke insoles might be higher. Prefabricated insoles often don’t offer a solution to the specific foot conditions of your patients. Our insoles offer more support and solves the foot-related problems of your patients faster and better. Quickly discover how the complete solution of LFT both helps you and your patients.

Discover our complete solution

Start saving time and money in your podiatry clinic is very simple. It all begins with the easy-to-use LFT foot scanners. Whether it is our 2D or 3D foot scanner to perform a static foot analysis. Or our pressure plate that can perform dynamic foot analyses. The scanning equipment is always connected to our user-friendly LFTPodoManager software. This multifunctional software application is used for fast initiation of bespoke insoles. Within 5 simple steps you can scan, analyze, design and order the perfect bespoke insoles that meet all the wishes of your patient:

  1. Add a patient to the system
  2. Enter general information about the patient
  3. Perform the scan
  4. Create an insole plan
  5. Send your order to the production facility of LFT

“The complete process won’t take any longer than 3 minutes”

Stop wasting time with outdated equipment that is extremely hard to set-up and use. Say goodbye to the times where you are handcrafting your patient’s insoles for several hours. And make your life as a podiatrist much easier thanks to our online administration and order system.

Why choose LFT?

In the end your patients get what they truly deserve thanks to the complete solution of LFT: premium-quality bespoke insoles that are made for their specific foot size, shape and structure. Most of our bespoke orthotics are even delivered within 5 business days. This is how we make sure you can solve your patients’ foot conditions fast and efficient.

But as a clinic owner you also take advantage of many other benefits. Our foot scanners are easy to integrate within any clinic in the United Kingdom. Our multifunctional LFTPodoManager software works with most foot scanning devices on the market.

And you never have to worry when you have question about our user-friendly hardware or software. Whether it is during the set-up phase or long after this period: or specialists are always there to support you via telephone, e-mail and TeamViewer. We make sure you know exactly how to operate the easy-to-use equipment of LFT.

Furthermore, you can always keep track of all processes, since all our hardware and software functions via an online connection. Quickly enter or change certain patient-related information. And check from any location what the status is of specific custom-made insoles.

Want to know how to save time and money?

Are you ready to save time and money, while producing more and higher quality insoles? Then the complete solution of LFT is everything you need as a podiatry clinic owner. We offer you more time to focus on your company, to build relationships with your clients, and to solve their foot-related problems. Are your curious how much time and money you can save thanks to this complete solution? Then quickly find out with our Within 48 hour you know exactly how much more your business can grow!