Have you identified all the necessary information about a patient's foot condition and translated it into an insole plan through LFT Manager? Then you can create a digital design of the desired personalised insole with LFT CAD.

LFT CAD is our very user-friendly software application that enables you to model any conceivable type of insole digitally, quickly and accurately, down to the millimeter. You decide whether you want to produce an insole based on a 2D, 3D or foot pressure plate scan. After doing so, you can choose an option from our unique, pre-defined library for podotherapists, orthopaedists, podiatrists and podopostural therapists. You can also create a personal library to store patient-related combination of elements. These options make it even easier to model personalised insoles.

Clear 3D scan result

LFT CAD offers you a clear 3D scan result you can rotate in any direction with your mouse. After choosing one of the various basic sole patterns, you can accurately position all the elements down to the millimeter. Thus, you can provide added support to the areas of the foot that need it. Are you satisfied with the insole model? If so, simply send the production order to LFT with a click of the mouse.